Over the past 7 years, I've had the privilege of contributing my skills to a diverse range of projects, including collaborations with the UAE government as well as various African government entities, multinational private companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and the Atlantic Council of the United States

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Faizan Saeed

Faizan. A digital project manager, e-Commerce specialist, and UI/UX engineer.

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A creative agile project manager with 6 years of experience in digital marketing agencies, skilled in delivering successful projects on time and within budget

My Story

Dubai was my home and workplace for nearly 6 years, but in August 2023, I embarked on a new journey when I relocated to london to pursue a master’s in business leadership

My journey in the digital realm commenced during the final semester of my university studies, when I took on the role of a developer. I hold two significant degrees - an Associate Engineer degree followed by a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science

After graduating, I honed my skills at a digital marketing agency as a web developer. Following this, I joined the Ministry of Information Technology in Pakistan as a developer and an analyst. It was during this tenure that I discovered my exceptional aptitude for interpersonal interactions and my proficiency in relationship management

Upon relocating to Dubai, I assumed the position of Developer and Project Manager at a digital marketing company, which afforded me the opportunity to gain extensive business acumen. Shortly thereafter, I became a part of V7 Group, where I further refined my skills as a full time Digital Project Manager


V7 Group, Dubai

2019-03 – 2023-08

Digital Project Manager

Digiihub Technologies LLC, Dubai

2018-04 - 2019-03

Project Manager & Web Developer

Ministry of IT & Telecom, Pakistan

2018-04 - 2019-03

Web Developer & Analyst

Pearl Soft, Pakistan

2016-02 - 2017-07

Web Developer


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