Over the past 7 years, I've had the privilege of contributing my skills to a diverse range of projects, including collaborations with the UAE government as well as various African government entities, multinational private companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and the Atlantic Council of the United States

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A creative Agile Project Manager with over 6 years of experience in digital marketing agencies, skilled in delivering successful projects on time and within budget. Experienced in top-notch implementation and project management abilities, highly organized, methodical, and adept at overseeing daily milestones across high-performance teams. Possesses expertise in requirements gathering, agile management, and cross-functional collaboration. Strong proficiency in CMS platforms, paid marketing, SEO, web technologies, and leading design projects

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V7 Group, Dubai

Digital Project Manager
2019/03 - 2023/08
  • Successfully manage and deliver a wide range of digital projects from inception to completion, ensuring adherence to time, scope, and budget constraints. Focus on requirements gathering, scope development, and project timeline management.
  • Implement agile management ideals by facilitating exercises such as sprint planning and team-leading standups.
  • Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, including developers, designers, and stakeholders, to ensure effective communication channels, track progress, overcome challenges, and successfully deliver project objectives.
  • Leverage expertise in WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Shopify, Magento, Dandomain, Cargo, Zenfolio, Wix, Cargo 1, Cargo 2, Squarespace, and Enfolio, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and custom PHP-based solutions to gather requirements, plan, review, test, and sign off deliverables.
  • Lead design projects from concept to launch, effectively managing the creation process of top-tier user-centered personas, user journeys, interaction patterns, process flows, wireframes, visual mockups, and prototypes. Additionally, play an active role in conceptualizing and communicating high-level design strategies and detailed interaction models, ensuring the seamless execution of projects.
  • Create and maintain project documentation, including project plans and timelines, to ensure smooth project execution.
  • Build strong relationships with clients, ensuring clear and effective communication throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Assist in quality assurance testing and user acceptance testing to ensure the delivery of high-quality digital solutions.
  • Manage day-to-day website updates against larger project timelines and priorities.
  • Oversee 7-10 projects simultaneously, managing the full life cycle of projects.

Digiihub Technologies, Dubai

Web Developer & Project Manager
2018-04 - 2019-03
  • Demonstrated deep expertise and hands-on experience with website development using web applications and programming languages such as WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, Dandomain, Cargo, Zenfolio, Wix, Cargo 1, Cargo 2, Squarespace, Enfolio, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and Custom PHP. Excelled in customization of themes and plugins.
  • Established positive relationships with customers and other stakeholders.
  • Led requirements gathering, scope development, and project timeline management, working closely with cross-functional teams. Collaborated with developers and designers to track progress, overcome challenges, and ensure project deliverables were met.
  • Conducted user research, design experiments, and validation exercises like A/B testing and usability testing. Effectively utilized quantitative and qualitative data to drive decisions and measure success.
  • Provided technical expertise to the sales team to close new accounts and achieve sales growth.
  • Managed day-to-day website updates against larger project timelines and priorities.
  • Reviewed, audited, and set up Google & Social Media Ads accounts to drive digital growth and user traffic.
  • Developed, prioritized, and promoted design and content recommendations based on usability metrics.
  • Troubleshot poor SEO rankings and developed improvement strategies. Created title tags and meta tag descriptions and highlighted and added relevant links to the site.
  • Liaised with sales and marketing departments and designers and provided comprehensive support.

Ministry of IT & Telecom, Islamabad

Web Developer & Analyst
2018-04 - 2019-03
  • Developed and modified User Interface using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and Bootstrap for various government websites.
  • Established and modified infrastructure software to correct errors, upgrade the interface, and improve performance.
  • Worked closely with cross-functional teams to complete special projects and meet project deadlines.
  • Collaborated closely with other team members to plan, design, and develop robust solutions.
  • Planned and prototyped web-based applications.
  • Tested cross-browser compatibility for websites and applications to ensure they functioned well in all environments.
  • Developed and validated test routines to ensure the quality of the external and internal interface.

Pearl Soft, Islamabad

Web Developer
2016-02 - 2017-07
  • Developed business websites on custom PHP and WordPress and created User Interfaces using HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap.
  • Designed visual mock-ups using Photoshop.
  • Meet with clients to gather business and technical requirements, create sitemaps, and outline schedules.
  • Developed android application for small businesses as a personal interest.

UWS, London

MBA with Leadership
2023/09 - Continue

UPR, Kashmir

Bachelor of Science: Computer Science
2012-05 - 2016-05

KRL - Pakistan

Diploma of Associate Engineering: Computer InformationTechnology
2009-02 - 2012-09

Hands-On Experience & Team Management

Agile Project Management

Requirements Gathering

Scope Development

Project Timeline Management

Cross-functional Collaboration

Project Documentation

Planning and Prototyping


Interface Development

User Research

Visual Mockups

Design Strategy

Custom PHP






Theme and Plugin Customization

Dandomain CMS

Cargo CMS

Zenfolio CMS


Squarespace CMS

Enfolio CMS

Google paid marketing

Social media paid marketing


Quality Assurance Testing

User Acceptance Testing

A/B Testing

Usability Testing

Cross-browser Compatibility Testing

Team Management




Social Media Calendar & Management

Soft Skills

Leadership and Team Management

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Time Management and Prioritization

Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking

Adaptability and Flexibility

Client Relationship Management

Project Planning and Coordination

Creativity and Design Thinking

Analytical Skills

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